At Wycombe Homeless Connection, we believe that every homeless individual in High Wycombe has worth and should have the chance of a fresh start, no matter what their situation.

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Latest news

  • Give today: support the Big Sleepout and change lives

    We've seen an alarming rise in rough sleeping in our town. Over 150 people slept rough in Wycombe last year and more than 500 people came to us for help. Your support of our work tackling homelessness is now more vital than ever - give now! Read more

  • Guest story: "I never thought I'd be in that position"

    "It's a bit of an eye-opener, really. When you're my age, you've got five daughters and a house in Spain, you think everything is sorted. And then you find out your wife has been stealing from you and cheating on you and suddenly you've got nowhere to go. I had to start all over again." Read more

  • 9 in 10 private renters are missing out on a social home, new research reveals

    91% of private renters are left on social housing waiting lists, often for years on end, new research by Shelter reveals. "I can’t keep doing this to my children. My eight-year-old Josh has had seven different houses; he’s in Year 4 and he’s been to three different schools." Read more

  • How we stopped a previously high earning professional from becoming homeless after four major strokes

    "I’ve battled with pride because I’ve always been a high earning, high rate tax payer. I’m still not used to the idea that – at 61 – I could be in this position." Over 500 people of different ages, races, genders and religion come to Wycombe Homeless Connection every year, and every single person has a unique experience of homelessness. Read more