A night under the stars. Sounds romantic, right? Not when your bed is a glorified cardboard box and your home comforts are limited to a blanket and slightly temperamental torch. In July the Biffa team experienced a small taste of rough sleeping in All Saints Churchyard and raised just shy of £3,500 for the charity.

Tracy Tysoe, the event organiser at Biffa, had this to say:

“The sleepout went wonderfully, and everyone got home safe but somewhat drowsy (as you can imagine)! A few talented individuals managed to get some hours of sleep, but how they managed it is still a mystery to me! The others and myself kept going throughout the night, and had some great support from the locals on their way to and from the town. It was strange how slowly the time passed when you were simply trying to get through the night – an everyday reality for many homeless people. We found that we had a lot of time to reflect and contemplate our own thoughts, so we could definitely see why mental health might soon become a problem as a result.

“People said the evening starkly brought home (for want of a better word) that homelessness is a problem, not only in Wycombe and Buckinghamshire, but in the whole country, and that we can all do more to help combat the issue. I caught up with most people after the event, and everyone said how happy but strangely privileged they felt when they could get some proper sleep in their own beds, and have a nice hot shower once they had returned home.”

The folks from Biffa helped fight homelessness in their sleep! If you would like to experience a small part of what it’s like to sleep rough, or are part of an organisation that would like to help alleviate local homelessness, then sign up now for WHC's Big Sleepout this November! We welcome both individual and team entries. Find out more and apply here: https://www.wyhoc.org.uk/Event/fight-homelessness-in-your-sleep-join-the-whc-big-sleepout-2016