We are delighted to open the doors for 2019's Wycombe Winter Night Shelter!

We've been running the night shelter since 2008 and it gives us the opportunity, not only to provide beds, nourishing meals and warm rooms to our homeless guests, but to encourage them to engage with our all-year-round, one-to-one support.

More than 300 people have offered shifts for WHC's 2019 night shelter. Shift planners have organised them into teams to staff the 267 shelter shifts that will run between January and March. Volunteers' references have been checked and training sessions have being run. No more applications are needed.

If you see or talk to anyone sleeping rough, please urge them to approach Wycombe District Council for a night shelter referral, or tell them to drop into our Support Centre at 8 Castle Street between 10am and 12:30pm on any working day.

Thanks go to the local volunteers who so generously give their time and care, to the seven local churches who so kindly give their space, and to all of you - our faithful, compassionate community - for your ongoing donations and support.