We're seeing the fallout to this. 

We've helped families who have been relocated to Wycombe due to temporary accommodation offered by their London borough. But often, Wycombe council is not informed of the move.

Shelter rightly identifies the damage of this: "Families risk getting stranded in an unknown area without the local services and support they need to get by". Worse still, it means that if this temporary accommodation stops, there is often confusion as to which council is responsible for housing the family. And this can have serious consequences – especially if children are involved.

We can see why this happens: high rents in London mean there is no affordable housing where councils can place people who need homes. But high rents also mean that housing benefit levels – which are locally set – are higher in London than they are in Wycombe. So London councils can export their people and outbid locals for accommodation in Wycombe. It’s complex, but the solution to this probably involves more affordable housing in London and better coordination between councils.