Important news: changes to our night shelter

In the light of the ongoing pandemic, we are changing the way we will run our night shelter this winter... Read more

Take action: Everyone in For Good campaign

We are asking you to call on your MP to take urgent action so that no one is forced to sleep rough after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown ends. Read more

Helen v Everest

Helen is 'cycling' up Everest to raise money for us! Read more

Take part in the TwoPointSix Challenge for Wycombe Homeless Connection

We are asking you to dream up an activity based around the number 2.6 or 26 that suits your skills and fundraise for us. It can be any activity you like as long as it follows Government guidelines! Read more

Helping homeless people during coronavirus: an update

It is good to now have clarity from the government over where some money will be coming from to help keep people off the streets during this pandemic. But the need for our services has never been greater. Read more

NEW hotline for people facing eviction during coronavirus pandemic

The charity has also been forced to shut their Support Centre and gone online and is calling for donations to keep services running. Read more

URGENT APPEAL: Help keep homeless people safe

Give now to keep people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness safe. Read more

WHC calls for donations as coronavirus impacts services

It is hard to keep yourself safe and clean if you are living the street, and almost impossible to self-isolate, steps that many of us can take much more easily. We need your help to keep people safe. Read more

Wycombe Homeless Connection closes night shelter and offers guests other accommodation as part of coronavirus response

We've taken the difficult step to close our night shelter in response to the spread of coronavirus and will be offering our guests alternative accommodation. Read more