An intro to the Big Sleepout – As told by Chloe

Meet Chloe. Chloe's a photographer, musician, runner and (let's face it) a big fan of her bed . This is her first instalment as she documents her Big Sleepout journey.Read more

More people than ever coming to us at risk of eviction

In the previous quarter alone, 45 of the 199 people we helped came to us due to eviction risk.Read more

The housing crisis is hitting women. Hard.

Historically there have been far more homeless men than women, but our stats indicate that this ratio is changing.Read more

Join the WHC Big Sleepout – 24 Nov 17

In November last year, almost 100 brave souls in Wycombe, Marlow and Beaconsfield defied the bitter wind to raise funds for WHC by sleeping rough. We’re doing it again!Read more

Wycombe Homeless Connection appoints support worker

WHC is delighted to announce the appointment of Leticia González Muñoz as full-time support worker for the charityRead more

The need for WHC has never been so high

In leafy Bucks it’s easy to question whether High Wycombe even needs a homeless charity. Well, the latest stats are in – and they speak for themselves.Read more

Helping homeless people feel good

Wycombe Homeless Connection's first ever Feel Good Day for homeless people was on Saturday 8th July.Read more

Wycombe council 'not informed' when receiving homeless Londoners

Homeless people from London boroughs are relocated to High Wycombe – without informing Wycombe council of the move.Read more

2017 shelter reaches all time high

857: that's the number of bed nights our 2017 shelter provided. Find out more shelter stats in this news snippet.Read more

Providing more support than ever

The numbers are in for the last quarter of 2016. People were looking for more help than ever.Read more