There is hope.

You don't have to experience homelessness alone.

Wycombe Homeless Connection has been supporting and rehousing rough sleepers for over a decade, and we will do all we can to help you.

  1. Stay safe.
    Rough sleeping is dangerous, but you can make it safer by avoiding sleeping in bins and by sleeping somewhere well-lit, under cover and near to people you trust. Try to keep warm and dry by wearing multiple layers of clothing and with blankets and sleeping bags (come and get some from us!). Creating a barrier between you and the ground will help you stay warmer - a sheet of cardboard can work for this.
  2. Come and see us.
    You can drop into our Support Centre at 8 Castle Street between 10am and 12:30pm, Monday to Friday. We can provide you with food, clothes and a sleeping bag, as well as supporting you in your journey off the streets. From the beginning of January until the end of March, we run the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter; for the rest of the year, we run Plug In on two evenings a week.
  3. Advise the council.
    The council can verify you as a local rough sleeper, opening up opportunities for you to get statutory homelessness support.

Our Support Centre at 8 Castle Street is open between 10am and 12:30pm on every weekday. Please drop in to get housing advice and support.

You don't need to experience homelessness alone.

The premises are wheelchair accessible, but there are no wheelchair accessible toilets. If this is a problem for you, we can arrange to meet elsewhere.

Staff can also be reached by phone from 9am until 5pm on 01494 447699.