We aim to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere at the shelter. To do that, we maintain some rules you’ll need to follow.

We want to help you take control of your life – and get off the street for good. So we will work with you to help you get accommodation and other services. To offer this chance to as many people as possible, each person’s stay in the shelter is limited to 28 days.

Our full policy is below.

Shelter rules

  • Behaviour and language must respect the dignity of other guests and volunteers. We won’t tolerate anti-social behaviour or abusive language; including racist, sexist or homophobic language.  
  • No threats of violence or actual violence against anyone inside or in the vicinity outside any of our venues. Threats and violence will always result in a ban.
  • We can only allow over-the-counter medication (only in its original packaging) and prescribed drugs (only in the possession of the person they were prescribed to). Other than this, no controlled substances will be allowed on site at any of our venues.
  • Alcohol must be kept away from the night shelter. We will not allow anyone entry if they have alcohol in their possession. Attempts to bring it in, whether successful or not, may result in a ban.
  • New psychoactive substances (formerly known as legal highs – no longer ‘legal’) must not be brought to the night shelter. Staff and volunteers have been trained to recognise them.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas outside of the venues. This includes ‘ecigarettes’ and vaping.
  • Weapons of any kind must not be brought to the night shelter. Anyone caught with a weapon or known to carry one will not be admitted into the night shelter.
  • Once guests have entered the night shelter they must remain on the premises. Anyone leaving will not be re-admitted that night and may be transferred to the ‘reserve list’ in future.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate pets at the night shelter.

Your place will be forfeited if not personally taken up each night by 8.00pm unless pre-arranged with the duty staff member in exceptional circumstances 

The length of your stay 

While you are in the shelter, we hope you will use our help to take control of your circumstances and move into more permanent accommodation and a more sustainable lifestyle. You can get help at our Support Centre.

Most of our guests are able to move into some other form of accommodation within a reasonable time. In order to make the most of the spaces that we have available, the usual limit for a stay is 28 nights. It may be possible to extend this depending on demand, particularly in any of the following cases:

  • You have a definite offer of other accommodation which you expect to be able to move into within 2 weeks
  • You are female and will be facing unsafe conditions if you leave the shelter
  • You are in certain vulnerable categories that can suitably be accommodated in the shelter

Once your 28 nights are up you will move onto our reserve list. Those people on the reserve list are welcome to come to the shelter to see if there are any spaces left untaken by 8pm.