We’ve known F for quite a while. He was in our night shelter this year and had been regularly arriving for his spot, getting a meal, a bed for the night and breakfast.

We knew F had sustained a hip injury a little while back that had been treated. But one evening, he arrived at the night shelter complaining that he was in a lot of pain. So we got him back to hospital where sadly it was found his hip was injured again. F had to stay hospital for a number of weeks for surgery and treatment.

F progressed well under the amazing care of the NHS team but the time soon came for him to be discharged.

While F had been in hospital, we had closed the night shelter as the scale of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic became clear and we quickly decided we couldn’t continue to run it and keep our guests and volunteers safe from the virus.

So our Homeless Health Worker worked closely with the hospital and made sure that on discharge he had somewhere safe to go.

We settled him into a local bed and breakfast where he could continue his recovery. We’re checking with him regularly to make sure he has what he needs. And he is doing so much better now. His hip is continuing to improve.