We received a call to our hotline about a young homeless man.

He had been admitted to hospital with a wound on his leg, had surgery, and the team at the NHS needed our help to make sure he wouldn’t be discharged back to the street.

Our Homeless Health Worker swung into action to bring together all the people needed to get him the help and home he needed.

First we helped him get registered at a local GP surgery. It is especially tough for people without a home to get registered with GPs and even more so now when our GPs and their teams are under so much pressure. But we got it done. This meant he could be safely discharged to the care of the GP.

And now he’s having check-ups and has been taught how do his own wound care from now on.

Then, together with a number of other partner organisations including the council, we’ve worked so he doesn’t have to go back to the street.

He is in a room of his own. So the chances of infection, both of his wound, and from coronavirus are now massively reduced.

It really does take a team to get people who live on the streets the help they need. And at this time especially, we’re doing everything we can to take pressure off the amazing people at the NHS.

And the most important part of this team? You.

None of this would be possible without your support, making sure we are there to play our vital role in bringing everyone together, changing, and saving lives. Thank you.

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