Helen Biggerstaff, our services manager said: “Before I joined the WHC team, I worked at a local church; that’s where I met Jeff. Building trust between us meant we were able to change Jeff’s life for the better…”

I was cleaning after an event when Jeff came in and asked if I needed help so I handed him a broom. 

We got talking, and Jeff told me he was sleeping in a car park. Rain was falling heavily and I wondered what Jesus would have done. I decided to let him sleep in the church telling him I would be in early to make sure he was OK.

This was a turning point for Jeff; someone had trusted him and he really appreciated it.

I worked closely with Wycombe Homeless Connection on behalf of Jeff and he moved into a local supported living facility. His health improved and he was able to engage with One Recovery Bucks to tackle his addiction. We gave him a job as a cleaner in the church and he finally got some stability in his life. 

After a year or so, his progress was so great that he was offered a place where he could live independently with two others, a great step to getting a place of his own. 

When I started working at WHC I worked collaboratively with other agencies to pay off some historical rent arrears Jeff had with a social housing provider and helped sort out additional benefits that he was entitled to. 

Once this was done Jeff was able to start bidding on properties and within weeks he had been offered a lovely refurbished flat.

He was chuffed to bits! Jeff is enjoying independent living and continues to clean the church.