For the past 15 months Krzys has been living in temporary B&B accommodation, a combination of the 2019-2020 winter accommodation and then the covid-emergency accommodation.

Despite having lived and worked in the UK for so many years, Krzys’ right to remain in the UK was under threat and as many of you will know he wasn’t able to access certain types of social support.
Because of his lack of settled status, he had ‘no recourse to public funds’ which meant he could not receive housing related benefits and or make a homelessness application with the council. It could have even meant that he might also have lost his right to stay in the emergency accommodation! After many years living on the streets that would have been a terrible backwards step.
But following months of hard work by our senior support worker Kevin, the advocacy team and our partners, Krzys has been granted leave to stay!
Kevin said “To say Krzys was delighted was an understatement. He was absolutely thrilled and almost could not believe it when we told him he had been granted status in the UK which means he can stay here indefinitely with no fear of deportation.
“Having settled status also means he can apply for full benefits, have full access to the NHS, as well as many other rights.
“We are extremely hopeful Krzys will be able to secure the suitable and stable accommodation he needs to move on and rebuild his life including returning to work when restrictions allow.
“Krzys and all of us here at WHC are delighted with this outcome and we hope you are too as we walk alongside him on the next leg of his journey.”
Krzys has been determined to make this decision happen and worked with the team doing everything he could to achieve settled status. We think his smile says it all!

It takes a team to change lives, and it can be a long hard job, and there will still be challenges for Krzys and many of our other clients in a similar situation.  Thank you for your prayers and support in making this happen.