When the restaurant was told to close, M knew it was finally his chance to get away.

He’d been held captive by the restaurant owners for some time, a victim of modern slavery.

He took his chance and fled. He went to the police station and asked for help. And they gave it, putting him in a hotel for an immediate but short-term solution. And they put him in touch with Migrant Help, a charity that focuses on helping people just like M.

A brilliant charity Migrant Help called us for help as they couldn’t secure him a place at one of their safe houses, and they are based a long way from Wycombe.

They were worried that if M didn’t get help locally and quickly he’d end up on the street and possibly go back to the area he knew well and so end up back at risk of being recaptured.

That's when we got involved. We gave M a room in secure, local emergency accommodation.

Our Homeless Health worker got in touch with M because he has some very particular ongoing health issues. And – amazingly at a time such as this – within 24 hours we’ve got him registered with a local GP, his prescription has been filled and he had his medication the very next day.

Migrant Help reports that there are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in history; an estimated 40 million men, women and children.

Many in the UK are held by those in industries that are now under threat.

We help people who have been forced into slavery but due to the current crisis we think we will need to help more people like M than before.  

If you are reading this and need help call the 24/7 Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700.