It was a couple of weeks back, just as the severity of the coronavirus pandemic was becoming clear that we met T.

T was sleeping rough at Wycombe train station. We went to find him and listened to him about how he had become homeless. It became immediately clear he didn’t have any options for finding somewhere to stay safe.

Through very halting English, T told us he was from Poland, and desperately wanted to go home. But having no money to do so, and having lost his passport, he simply didn’t know what to do.

We got straight to work. We knew that the Polish Embassy in London were organising repatriation for people who wanted to go home but didn’t have the means to do so. We worked with them to get him a space on the next coach and organised a seven-day passport so he could travel.

Next, we sorted T out with some food and spare clothes for the journey and arranged a taxi to take him to the Embassy.

Unfortunately, on arrival at the embassy, the team there were concerned T wasn’t well, and could potentially have the virus so, wisely, couldn’t let him on the coach.

But what was he to do next? He didn’t have a place to stay and self-isolate.

Again, we worked with the Embassy to find and pay for a room in a hotel, local to the Embassy. We knew that if he did have the coronavirus he would need to stay isolated for a week so paid for at least that long a stay. The next hurdle was organising food. We asked the hotel if they could help and they did. The team at the hotel stepped up and agreed to support him with food while he isolated in a room.

Just a couple of days ago, T came out of isolation and returned to the embassy where they were able to then get him home.  

So he’s now safe, back where there are people he knows, and speak his language, so getting help and staying well will be easier for him.

Our aim is always to get people off the streets as soon as possible and we know it makes a real difference when we can get someone back to their home, especially at such a time of crisis.

More and more people are turning to us for help every day, and with your support we can keep making a difference to people like T.

Thank you.