We know you care about your community and that you like to give back.

We are an award-winning charity that tackles homelessness in Wycombe and across south Buckinghamshire.

We want to build relationships with local businesses so that when you give us crucial support we can also give back.

What we need

We welcome all sorts of support to help us deliver our services and can continue to do our vital work.

We look for:

  • Regular financial donations which helps us with financial planning
  • One-off financial donations which help us run the charity. 
  • Sponsorship of our activities and major fundraising events.
  • Goods and services that help us deliver our projects e.g. food for meals for guests in emergency accommodation, office supplies for our Support Centre, training for volunteers and staff like First Aid, and help with core costs like salaries, rent, heating and lighting.
  • Your staff’s time volunteering at fundraising events and/or helping us with our activities.

What we can give back

  • The knowledge that you and your organisation have made a real difference to a local charity, boosting your staff’s morale and, most importantly, you’ll be preventing homelessness.
  • Achievement of a Corporate Social Responsibility objective.
  • Inspiring speakers for team-building days or conferences. Some of our speakers have been homeless in the past and have now rebuilt their lives and love to tell their story.
  • Public relations: we have good relationships with the local press and a wide social media following. Our supporters and volunteers are also a significant audience.
  • Volunteering opportunities for your staff. 

The value of partnering with us

We have been a charity partner with John Lewis, High Wycombe and their Community Liaison Officer, Dawn Stokoe, said:

“Having Wycombe Homeless Connection as our branch charity greatly raised the awareness of homelessness in our local community and challenged our stereotypes of the typical homeless person.

"As they have arranged fundraising events or worked with Wycombe Homeless Connection on specific projects, our John Lewis Partners have had varied opportunities to develop their personal, technical and managerial skills. Our partnership together has been a win-win for both parties and one which we have both enjoyed and valued.”


Many companies organise their own fundraising events and donate the proceeds to us. This is so valuable to us. Some fundraising ideas with a Wycombe Homeless Connection twist are here

We also organise some fundraising events ourselves, such as the Big Sleepout and many companies like to support their staff taking part. We also often need help with stewarding. Keep an eye on our news items for details of these.


We occasionally need practical help and companies have found these are good for team-building. Volunteering may also fit the bill if you have community service as a development objective for your employees, or give time off for a community service activity.

Opportunities are usually related to fundraising and events rather than volunteering in our service delivery. 

Volunteering roles at some of our services, like the Night Shelter and Support Centre, require significant, specialised training and are not suitable for one-off volunteers. However, sometimes these roles can be filled by people who have been given regular time off by their employer to volunteer regularly.

Get in touch

We have a team who would love to talk with you about your ideas.

Call: 01494 447699

Email: [email protected]

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.


Sending a donation to us

Please see our Donate page for details on how to send us a donation.