Email privacy policy

We ask for address inform
ation so that we can distinguish between people with similar names and so we can administer email address changes.

We may store your data and send out emails using a company which is located in another country but which offers safeguards as required by UK law.

Mailchimp is our email provider, and they are interested in improving their services by better understanding the people they are emailing. So they sometimes work legally with third-party sources, such as public databases or social media platforms, to acquire information about you such as demographic, location or device data, and to learn about your use of social media websites, page view information and search results and links.

We will not share your details with any other organisation unless legally obliged to do so. We will ask you to renew your consent within about two years from the date you provide your consent.

Changing your mind: Contact us at [email protected] to withdraw your consent; to request to access your data; to have it corrected; to restrict our use of it in some circumstances; or to have your data erased, although in this case we will keep a note of your details (unless you tell us otherwise) on our register of individuals who would prefer not to be contacted, so that we do not contact you in the future if your data are collected again.

If you have any concerns, do contact us or contact the Information Commissioner's Office. 0303 123 1113 [email protected].
Privacy Notice PN2.1