After decades of abuse, Vicky left her marriage. The shock of suddenly living alone worsened an unacknowledged problem with alcohol, damaging both her health and her finances. Uncharacteristically, she stole from her workplace. Things were really bad, and Vicky took two overdoses. The hospital arranged a detox and she dried herself out, but by then she was facing eviction due to rent arrears. Because of her theft conviction, her housing alternatives were limited. In desperation, Vicky came to WHC: we negotiated a repayment scheme with her landlord and saved her tenancy. However, some months later she was actually evicted when her landlord wanted the property back. Just in time, WHC helped Vicky secure a short-term place in a property that would otherwise have been empty, and WHC volunteers helped Vicky move in. Vicky said: “Without the help and support from WHC’s volunteers and dedicated staff, I would not have been able to restart life after so many years of turmoil.”