I have seen someone sleeping rough – how can I help them?

If you see someone you think is under 18, or is an adult in immediate danger or needing urgent medical care you should call 999.

If you are concerned about an adult you have seen sleeping rough you can contact Streetlink. They send your report to us or another suitable outreach service in the area and the person will be connected to support.

Visit their website for telephone number and an app.

You can also suggest to the person you are concerned about that they can visit our Support Centre on Castle Street. It is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 12.30pm. Find out what support people can be offered at the Support Centre by clicking here.

Donating goods

The list of goods we need to help people all year round is here and is updated regularly. 

PLEASE NOTE: We only list exactly what we need and can use and are unlikely to be able to accept anything not on listed.

Wycombe Winter Night Shelter

What is the Night Shelter?

Opening on 2nd January 2020 and running until the end of March, our winter night shelter offers a free place to stay to people sleeping rough. Wycombe Winter Night Shelter saves lives by keeping people out of the cold and provides a time of stability where we can work with our guests to provide long term solutions.

The 2020 Night Shelter complements other provision of temporary and emergency accommodation that is available throughout the year and especially at winter.

Anyone wishing to apply for a place at the Night Shelter can visit our Support Centre on Castle Street. It is open Monday – Friday, 10am – 12.30pm.


Does it cost to stay in the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter?

No, we do not make any charge for the night shelter.



Our main aim, alongside reducing the harm caused by homelessness is to ensure people can get into suitable housing and help them stay there.

We therefore do not run soup kitchens or similar because we do not think it contributes significantly to ending homelessness and believe the emergency needs of our clients are met and that we serve them best through the prevention and advocacy work we do, all of which is possible because of the generosity of our volunteers and supporters. We do need volunteers to help us deliver our services and support the charity. 

Because of the nature of our work, and that we work with vulnerable people, our volunteers must be fully trained, referenced and commit to particular volunteer roles. 

You can find out more about volunteering as an individual here or with your organisation/company here. We look for volunteers for the Winter Night Shelter from late summer. Follow us on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or sign up on our website for our newsletter (link at bottom of page) to stay in touch to hear about opportunities.