Ann had lived all her life in Wycombe. A few years ago, when her mother was nearing the end of her life, Ann and her daughter cared for her at home for ten months. This experience left Ann with a depression that caused her to withdraw and not deal with her affairs. She only escaped eviction because compensation for a compulsory move allowed her to pay off her arrears. However – her change of address disrupted her benefits, so that she began again to fall into arrears. Finally she was given notice of eviction – but a friend suggested she visit Wycombe Homeless Connection. WHC encouraged her to get help for her depression; she was accompanied to court to seek a stay of eviction; and she was helped with a long process of evidence-gathering to support a reinstatement and back-dating of her benefits in order to pay her arrears. After that, Ann felt a lot better and started applying for jobs. She was steadily paying off her arrears, and planning to move to a more convenient part of town. Ann said: “I was not in the best place when I first came to Wycombe Homeless Connection, but now I feel like a whole new person. Those lovely people help you regardless of who you are. I felt like I was a person not just a number.”