Wycombe Homeless Connection uses gifts of goods in three ways.

We help people with basic household items when they move into accommodation.

Some food items go to help provide our winter night shelter. 

In emergency, we assist people who are sleeping rough or destitute with food, clothing, toiletries and a sleeping bag. We discuss the circumstances that led to the emergency and how a repetition can be avoided; we aim to help people escape homelessness, not create dependency.

How can I help?

We have limited storage and are only able to accept donations of items that we can use. The list below changes frequently as supplies and stocks fluctuate. Our office is open on weekdays during working hours - before visiting, please call 01494 447699 or email [email protected] to learn how to gain access.

Note, we can only pick up in exceptional circumstances.

Thanks to generous donations, we currently have adequate stocks of food, clothing and bedding except for items listed below. In particular, we cannot accept any more duvets.

As of 17th September 2018 we would appreciate donations of the items listed below. If your organisation is thinking of supporting our winter night shelter needs by collecting for us during this coming Harvest Festival, please refer to the food items below.

Pasta shapes / quills

Dried spaghetti

Dried lasagne

Gravy granules

Jar of pasta sauces (tomato +/- additional herbs)

Tins of sweetcorn

Tins of tuna

Tins of rice pudding

Tins of fruit

Tins of ham and corned beef

Tins of spaghetti and macaroni cheese

Tins of meat (meatballs, chilli con carne, stew, chicken in sauce)

Tins of peas

Tins of potatoes

Custards (1 litre)

Jars of Jam

Other spreads (e.g. peanut butter, chocolate)

Bottles of tomato ketchup

Single-serve breakfast cereal cups or packs

1 litre fruit juices

Small cartons of juice

Herbal teas

Long-life milk (500ml)


Small jars of coffee

Decaffeinated coffee

Instant hot chocolates

Bottles of squash

Biscuits, cereal bars



Men shower gel

Antibacterial hand gel (small sizes)

Antiperspirants / deodorants for men

Chapstick / lip balms



Belts (small or medium sizes)

Men boxers (small or medium sizes)

Briefs (men and women)



Haversack type bags

Disused mobile phones with charger, preferably unlocked, in working order.



Smaller kitchen items needed to help people move into accommodation, preferably new or in very good condition:

Kettles (preferably new or in good condition, click here for an example)

Two slice toasters (preferably new or in good condition, click here for an example)

Can openers



Small jugs and kitchen mixing bowls suitable for microwave cooking

Small saucepans and small frying pans with flat bottoms for electric hobs + Lids

Small kitchen vegetable knives and small chopping boards


Measuring cups and spoons

Drinking glasses


Wooden spoons

Laundry pods