Wycombe Homeless Connection uses gifts of goods in three ways.

We help people with basic household items when they move into accommodation.

Some food items go to help provide our winter night shelter.

In emergency, we assist people who are sleeping rough or destitute with food, clothing, toiletries and a sleeping bag. We discuss the circumstances that led to the emergency and how a repetition can be avoided; we aim to help people escape homelessness, not create dependency.

How can I help?

We have limited storage and are only able to accept donations of items that we can use. The list below changes frequently as supplies and stocks fluctuate. Our office is open on weekdays during working hours - before visiting, please call 01494 447699 or email [email protected].

Note, we can only pick up in exceptional circumstances.

Thanks to generous donations, we currently have adequate stocks of food, clothing and bedding except for items listed below.

As of 11th October 2017 we would appreciate donations of the items listed below.

Large rucksacks or holdalls

Compact outdoor sleeping bags (sleeping bags that fold up into a small bag only please) 

Men's and women's deodorants
Men's shaving cream / gel
Men's razors
Toilet rolls 

Men's jogging bottoms, small, medium or large size
Men's briefs or boxers, small and medium size
Men's shoes, sizes 10, 11, 12

Ladies' jogging bottoms, small and medium size
Ladies pants, sizes 8, 10, 12 

Self heating camping meals - these are highly appreciated
Peperami sausage snacks
Stir in pasta sauce
Instant and pot noodles 
Tinned tomatoes 
Tinned meat meals (like chilli, curry, chicken, Irish stew etc) 
Baked beans (400g) 
Individual pots of custard, rice pudding, fruit and jelly
Tins of fruit 
Long life milk (UHT) in 500ml containers
Individual portion juice cartons
Caffeinated tea and coffee
Small bottled water 330-500ml 
Boxes of cereal bars  
Packets of biscuits 

Radios in good working order please
Electric kettles in good working order please
Toasters in good working order please
Frying pans
Small saucepans
Mixing bowls
Measuring jugs
Fleece blankets
Single duvets

Strong supermarket bags (bags for life)

"Refugee bags" (as shown) or large duvet dry cleaning bags