Thank you for your support of Wycombe Homeless Connection!

Wycombe Homeless Connection uses gifts of goods in three ways:

1. We provide people with basic household items when they move into accommodation.

2. We feed people during the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter.

3. In emergencies, we assist people who are sleeping rough or destitute by giving them food, clothing, toiletries and a sleeping bag. We discuss what led to the emergency and work out how a repetition of the circumstances can be avoided in future; we aim to help people escape homelessness, not create dependency.

How can I help?

As of 7th August 2019, we would appreciate donations of the items listed below.

Because we have limited storage facilities, we are only able to accept donations of items we can use. Thanks to generous donations, we currently have adequate stocks of toiletries.

We accept donations on weekdays from 10am until 12:30pm. Before visiting, please call us on 01494 447699.

If you have an enquiry about donating an item not listed below, please email [email protected].

During the heatwave, we are urgently appealing for donations of food we can provide to rough sleepers, who don't have access to cooking facilities, such as: 

  • cereal bars
  • pepperami
  • snack packs of fruit and nuts
  • fruit juice in small cartons
  • rice pudding in ring pull cans
  • small bottles of water
  • sun cream

We are also appealing for the following:

  • razors
  • can openers
  • 500ml UHT milk
  • biscuits
  • canned fruit
  • ham corned beef
  • meat meals
  • sweets
  • pot noodles
  • small and medium mens underwear
  • medium mens t-shirts

We would also appreciate items needed to help people move into accommodation, preferably new or in very good condition:

  • Two slice toasters (click here for an example)
  • Small, plastic jugs and kitchen mixing bowls suitable for microwave cooking
  • Teaspoons
  • Kettles (click here for an example)
  • Peelers
  • Graters
  • Small saucepans and small frying pans with flat bottoms for electric hobs + Lids
  • Small kitchen vegetable knives and small chopping boards
  • Drinking glasses
  • Single fitted (preferably white) bed sheets in new or unused condition