Originally from Amersham, Richard worked for many years in Torquay, where he had a good job and his own place. Everything changed, however, when the company he worked for shut down their UK branch and moved to Czechoslovakia.

Without a steady income Richard increasingly faced financial difficulties; these came to a head in 1997 when his house was repossessed and he became homeless. Richard said that, after he lost his house, “That's when my downward spiral really started.” With few options left, he moved back to the High Wycombe area.

After he had struggled with addiction for many years, he became homeless again in his 40s. It was through the night shelter that Richard first came into contact with WHC. As well as having somewhere to sleep that winter, Richard also had a chance to get help in turning things around. Richard worked with WHC to apply for a rehab programme in Birmingham. Happily, after a relatively short time, with Richard phoning on a daily basis as requested, he was offered a place there.

Looking forward to making changes in his life, Richard began to take the first steps on the road to recovery. Said Richard: “Without WHC’s help, I would never have found a place in rehab so quickly.”