Homelessness should not define who you are.

We hope that everyone who comes to us for will be able to look back at their time of experiencing housing crisis as a temporary blip.

Moving into a hostel or community

Supported accommodation is often the first step away from homelessness. In Wycombe this means places like the Old Tea Warehouse, the YMCA, Stonham or Emmaus. You will have your own room but will usually share kitchen and bathroom facilities. Staff at the project will also provide ongoing support. For a small minority of people moving into a residential rehab centre might be appropriate, whether a Christian charity like Betel or an NHS funded centre. Talk to us about this if you think this is what you need.

Getting your own place

After being homeless, you might find it tough to live in your own place again. If you move into social housing or a private tenancy you will have to keep on top of a few things:

  • Understanding the tenancy agreement
  • Paying your rent
  • Your benefits if you get them
  • Council tax
  • Budgeting
  • Acquiring household items
  • Cleaning
  • Keeping on good terms with your neighbours
  • Keeping people who are bad news out of your accommodation

Wycombe Homeless Connection has a team of trained tenancy support specialists. We will offer you a chance to partner with one of them to help keep you on track towards independence.  

What’s next?

Once you’ve settled into your own place we will help you to start looking towards the future. This may mean moving back into paid employment or into volunteering. We can also give you details about coffee mornings, lunch clubs, art workshops etc.