"I really can't put into words how good it feels to wake up everyday and not be sick, not be anxious and not have to worry about who I will have to hurt or rob in order to get well."

Leticia is one of our fabulous Support Workers, specialising in helping our homeless guests find safe, stable and affordable accommodation.

She received a letter from someone who spent time in our night shelter at the beginning of this year, for whom she fought relentlessly to secure funding for rehab. He spent his first nights with us in agony from heroin withdrawal, but now he's in recovery and even sent us a photo of him and his son.

Here is a section of what he wrote:

I owe my life to you. I honestly believe you were Godsent and I will always appreciate the kindness you showed to me. I had no self-worth or drive left and you gave me the drive and self-belief to get to where I am.

I've come a long way since I last saw you. My thought process is becoming more stable, I no longer think of taking anything to change the way I feel, and I'm starting to deal with a lot of the issues that brought me here in the first place.

Please thank everyone who supported you when I was causing you grief. I hope you're not traumatised by the whole experience.

P.S. If my daughter grows up to be half the woman you are, I'll be so proud. Thank you.

Being a Support Worker at Wycombe Homeless Connection is not an easy job. Every working day, our team must face up to the bleak reality that hundreds of people are facing homelessness in High Wycombe, and they fight to give hope to those suffering from the trauma that it brings.

Of course, not everyone who has problems with alcohol or drugs becomes homeless and not every homeless person has problems with drug or alcohol abuse. However, levels of drug and alcohol abuse are relatively high amongst the homeless population. National homelessness charity Crisis say that those who use drugs are seven times more likely to become homeless.

The thanks from this letter go also to each and every one of our supporters. Whether you're volunteering your time, raising crucial funds to keep our work going, or whether you're following us on social media (find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) - thank you for standing with us in the fight against homelessness in High Wycombe!

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