Kate was thrilled to get her place in the 2020 London marathon and immediately got in touch to tell us she was running and raising funds for Wycombe Homeless Connection.

Then, back in April, lockdown led to the postponement of the street race. As we couldn't leave our houses for more than an hour of exercise, Kate ran the London marathon on her treadmill, a huge physical and emotional challenge, but she did it in just less than six hours. 

Then, the marathon organisers announced they would try to have the street race in October. So Kate started training until again due to the coronavirus non-elite runners were asked to to take part 'at home'.

So on Sunday 4th October, Kate ran again. She ran through relentless rain, completing the 26.2 miles in ten extended-laps of the Rye, joined by friends and family.

And she's just heard she has a deferred place for the next London marathon which should be in the capital in October 2021.

That's three marathons she is running to support the people we serve. And she just smashed her £2000 target for the first two races. Amazing.

Thank you Kate, and to everyone who ran with you and supported you in your training and runs.