We often tell people that we would love to not exist. In fact, our work strives to undermine the very need for a homeless charity in High Wycombe; we try hard each and every working day to do ourselves out of business. But the latest numbers are in – and sadly, they paint a bleak picture.

From the beginning of April 2016 to the end of March 2017 we have had six all-time records:

  • We helped 504 people, a 15% increase on last year.
  • We gave 2944 separate instances of face-to-face support.
  • Of the 504 people, 404 were completely new to us – and each with their own unique circumstances.
  • Astonishingly, around a third were women. Historically there have been far more homeless men than women, but these stats indicate that this ratio is changing – that the housing crisis is hitting women hard.
  • Our fifth all-time record is the number of individuals visiting our Support Centre for housing help and advice. In the last twelve months, we’ve seen 490 people – an increase of 14%. While we’re pleased to be of service to anyone going through housing crisis, it’s sad that the need for our Support Centre is ever increasing.
  • Finally, we’ve helped people avoid 23 evictions. That’s 77% more than we did last year.

The stats speak for themselves: demand for our services has never been so high. But we’ll continue to be here and to help the community of High Wycombe for as long as we’re needed.