We believe no-one should be living on the street, and as we face a potential health pandemic, that truth is starker than ever.

People across our community are preparing for the possible impact of coronavirus, looking after themselves, their families, colleagues and friends. But it is hard to keep yourself safe and clean if you are living the street, and almost impossible to self-isolate, steps that many of us can take much more easily. We believe this is a critical time for our community to act as we are all connected and to take care of those who can't always protect themselves. 

At Wycombe Homeless Connection we work all year round to prevent homelessness before it starts, reduce the harm to people who are homeless, help to house homeless and at-risk people in suitable accommodation and defend the rights of homeless people.

Last week we took the difficult decision to close our winter night shelter and move our guests into alternative accommodation.

Our volunteer-led night shelter is an important part of the work we do. It gives people who otherwise would be sleeping on the street, a safe place to be in the coldest part of the year. Our guests, often facing some of the most difficult of challenges, also get an extended period of stability when our team work with them to find suitable help and accommodation for them.

This morning, some of our guests have already moved into alternative accommodation and by the end of the day everyone who was in our night shelter will have a safe place to sleep tonight.

We are also looking at what changes we may need to make to our other support services. These include our daily support centre, our outreach services, our housing legal advice drop in sessions and more.

We have a risk-based approach to our work at all times and we are working with regard to latest official advice on the health situation.

These are extraordinary circumstances but our ongoing, year-round work is always about ensuring the health and safety of our clients, guests, volunteers and staff.  

And so we are calling on our communities to look after each other and people, like our guests, who are vulnerable and need our support more than ever.

How you can help.

Give today

It costs more to put people up in the alternative accommodation than it does to run our night shelter. We expect to have more guests than usual in accommodation for longer. We also will need to provide more food and equipment too. We will use financial gifts to ensure our services as well as gifts of food, clothing and equipment can continue. 

  • £10 can pay for a food parcel for a person staying in accommodation
  • £35 can pay for one night in accommodation
  • Any gift can make a real difference

If you would like to donate online to help us click here to visit our Virgin Money Giving donation website.

Or other ways to give are here. 

And don't forget to add Gift Aid if you are able. 

Donating goods – closed for now:

We have taken another tough decision to stop accepting donations of goods. This is to limit the number of members of the public coming to the support centre.