Isn't it insane that you can be in a situation where you've fled domestic abuse and - because they don't think you are vulnerable enough - you're expected to sleep on the streets?! It's as though they think homelessness is the solution!

Our team of Support and Advocacy Workers were in discussion about one of our newest clients, a lady with no choice but to sleep rough in High Wycombe, having fled domestic abuse

Right now, not everyone fleeing domestic abuse is guaranteed a safe home from their council. Even if a local authority acknowledges that a victim is homeless because they cannot safely stay where they are, the authority will not provide temporary accommodation - unless the victim can prove their situation. Proving vulnerability can involve providing a criminal reference number, something incredibly difficult when survivors are too afraid to report abuse to the police, and can even mean returning to an abusive partner upon request of evidence.

However, it doesn't have to be like this. Change is possible.

The Government is asking for your views on a new proposal to help people fleeing domestic abuse access short-term forms of housing. Use your voice to demand they use the Domestic Abuse Bill to amend the homelessness legislation to ensure that anyone who has been made homeless as a direct result of domestic abuse is automatically considered in priority need for settled housing, rather than having to prove vulnerability.

You can add your voice to Crisis or you can respond to the Government consultation.

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Are you experiencing domestic abuse?