In the light of the latest guidance on responding to Coronovirus, Wycombe Homeless Connection have taken the difficult decision to close our winter night shelter from Monday 9th March and will be putting our current guests into local alternative accommodation to keep them safe and secure.

The covid-19 virus, known as coronavirus, is posing a risk to public health. The UK Chief Medical Officers have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate and will very likely shortly to move from a ‘contain’ phase to a ‘delay’ phase.

At Wycombe Homeless Connection, we take the safety and health of our guests, volunteers and staff very seriously. We have already put in place, in line with official advice, measures to prevent the spread of the virus and the infection of people at our services and continually assess the risks posed by our activities.

Due to the nature of our work, many of our night shelter guests are especially vulnerable to the virus, and many of our volunteers fall into the higher risk categories. As such we have made the decision to close the shelter and provide alternative accommodation for our guests.

Winter night shelter closing on Monday 9th March

We have organised emergency alternative accommodation for our night shelter guests which they will be offered from Monday 9th March until the end of the month. It is just three weeks when the shelter would usually be shutting for the season. We will continue to closely work with our guests and support them during this time.

We believe that this is a necessary and responsible step to protect the health of our guests, volunteers and staff.

We are not shutting the shelter immediately as we believe the steps we are already taking relating to hygiene, cleaning, equipment provision and information sharing are in line with government advice and mean we can run the shelter safely until Monday but that we need to amend our response from then.  

It gives us time to properly arrange our revised support and talk to all our guests so they understand the change.

Other services

We will be sharing more information on changes to our other services in the next few days.

Your support

Our volunteers have once again made the night shelter happen and we are very grateful to them.

We have accessed our financial reserves to ensure we can provide accommodation for the current guests we have in our winter night shelter. We will be providing local hotel rooms, food parcels and continuing our in-reach services where we support our guests to find safe and secure accommodation by the end of March.

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