Wycombe Homeless Connection relies on support from people who want to make a difference. We welcome support from a wide variety of community groups, fellow charities, schools, and more.

We are keen to spread awareness of homelessness in our community and to encourage support of our work.

Here are ways you can help

  • By giving: learn more here.
  • By volunteering: learn more here.
  • By fundraising: learn more here.
  • By donating goods: Our needs vary, but an up to date list of needs is here.
  • By requesting a speaker: learn more here.
  • Finally, although we do not promote religion, we are a faith-inspired organisation and we greatly value prayer support. Details here.

Schools and young people

Across Britain, 135,000 children live in unstable, temporary accommodation and we know children and young people feel very strongly about this issue which can affect them and their friends.

We are keen to visit schools and groups that would like to support us.

We are able to speak in assemblies, citizenship classes and more. We have ways of talking about homelessness that are relevant to different age groups.

Clubs, community groups and sports organisations

We are happy to visit and work with local groups and organisations.

A lot of support from groups comes in the form of fundraising which is absolutely vital and can take the form of support from concerts, cake stalls, birthday parties, film nights and exercise classes!

Faith groups

Wycombe Homeless Connection is a community project that started in local churches, and without them the work would be impossible.

The Christian faith is at the heart of the ethos and motivation of the organisation.

Your church and faith group can help in many ways

  • By providing premises for our support work. 
  • By donating money from offerings or as part of planned giving.
  • By getting involved in Homelessness Sunday which takes place in October.
  • By signing up to be a church we can talk to, about our needs, vacancies, fundraising and more. If you would like to this, get in touch.
  • We also need Church/faith group ambassadors, people who would like to represent us in their places of worship, sharing our news, putting up posters, and drumming up support. If you would like to this, get in touch.
  • Finally, although we do not promote religion through our work, we are a faith-inspired organisation and we greatly value prayer support. Details here.

We are happy to provide a speaker for services and small groups. Request a speaker here.

What next?

Click here to request a speaker or contact us using the details below.

Get in touch and we will help you in any way we can. 

Call: 01494 447699

Email: [email protected]