Wycombe Homeless Connection welcomes support from schools, young people and a wide variety of community groups.

WHC is an award-winning local registered charity tackling homelessness in Wycombe – a visible and growing issue in these hard times.

We are keen to spread awareness of homelessness as an issue and to encourage support for our work.

Financially, it takes about £190,000 every year to employ WHC staff and keep the lights on. Any group supporting WHC can be confident that their donation is being used efficiently to help their local community.  You can see how we use funds here.

Click here to request a speaker or contact us using the details below.

Click here for information on raising funds for WHC.

Transmitting funds to WHC: cheques can be made payable to Wycombe Homeless Connection and mailed to the WHC office with a note of how the donation should be acknowledged. Details of WHC’s bank account can be had by contacting the WHC office.

Schools and young people

We really appreciate the support we get from schools and young people.

The fact that in England there are 120,000 children in temporary accommodation along with their families makes homelessness real to people of school age.

We can interact with groups that would like to support us, and speak at assemblies, citizenship classes and so on.

We have ways of talking about homelessness that are relevant to different age groups. The youngest people we have visited were in a Montessori nursery!

Due to the nature of our work, only adults can volunteer with us in front-line roles.

Clubs, community groups and sports organisations

WHC attracts support from local groups such as WIs; and service organisations such as Rotary clubs, Round Table and Lions; theatre companies, choirs, golf clubs and many more!

We welcome support from groups who would like to have WHC as their charity of the year or donate the proceeds of a sporting event.

We have had support from concerts, cake stalls, birthday parties, film nights and exercise classes!

People often have many preconceptions around homelessness and our speakers are able to describe the reality of how easily someone can become homeless and the challenges faced by people in that situation.

Grant-making bodies

WHC relies for some of its funding from grant-making bodies. Here are some key points about WHC that potential funders will wish to understand.