Our vision

Our vision is that Wycombe is transformed into a place where there is suitable housing for all – because we believe that is what God wants in his world. We believe we are called to serve Him to bring this about.

Our mission

WHC aims to fulfil its charitable objects by pursuing the following aims in the name of Jesus Christ:

  • To mitigate the harms of homelessness to people’s health, safety and well-being.
  • To help individuals find suitable accommodation.
  • To help resettled individuals maintain their tenancies and re-integrate with the community at large.
  • To help individuals secure statutory help to which they are entitled.

The biblical values behind why we do what we do

  • We believe that every individual bears the image of God and has worth
  • We believe that everyone should have the chance of a fresh start
  • We work in response to God’s call to give shelter to the homeless
  • We work for a society that reflects God’s ideals, in which everyone is suitably housed

 The biblical values behind how we work

  • We aim to honour the example of Jesus Christ, pursuing excellence and integrity in all we do
  • We treat every homeless person we meet with dignity and respect
  • We aim to care for the whole person, taking account of physical, emotional and spiritual need
  • We go the extra mile to provide support
  • We aim to be a demonstration of God’s love in action
  • We aim to rely on God’s help through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit

These principles are rooted in the faith foundation of the charity

WHC is supported by local churches, which provide premises and most volunteers for WHC. The charity will help any homeless person, and welcomes volunteers from any faith and none.  Although WHC does not seek to impose the Christian faith on others, we believe it powers the organisation, its welcoming atmosphere and the quality of its work.