Some advice if you are having to sleep rough:

Getting emergency help from WHC

During January, February and March we run our winter night shelter: to find out how to get referred, click here. All year round we run our drop-in advice centre: for more details on this click here.

We will do our best to help you find somewhere to live if you are sleeping rough, but it usually takes some time. Meanwhile we may be able to offer you blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothing.

Staying safe

Rough sleeping is dangerous but there are some ways to make it safer:

  • Don’t sleep in bins – people have been crushed when the bin lorries have come and emptied the bins in the morning.
  • Try to sleep somewhere quiet but well lit, ideally near to some other people you trust. Some people have also had success in finding a quiet spot just outside of town to camp on.
  • Try to stay under some kind of cover in case it rains or snows.

Try to keep warm by wearing many layers of clothing and using any blankets or sleeping bags that you can get. Creating a barrier between you and the ground will help you to stay warmer – a sheet or a cardboard box can work for this.

Ask us about leaving your small valuables (especially ID) with us.

Getting re-housed – WHC can help

To maximise your chances of getting re-housed you should continue to visit our advice centre and keep other appointments you make with landlords or hostels. We will do our best to get you off the streets by referring you into accommodation, accompanying you to appointments if necessary, advocating on your behalf and giving you general support and advice – but we will not try to run your life for you. It will be up to you to tell us what you want and work alongside us to get it.