Following a divorce, Mick sold his house, and with a fresh start in mind he set off to Hawaii with a plan to acquire a boat to live on and to earn a livelihood. He located an ideal craft, and paid for it – only to find the man he paid had no right to sell it! Mick had been scammed, and had only enough money left to get home and spend a few nights in a B&B. Worse, under new rules, although Mick had lived in High Wycombe for many years, his absence abroad was just long enough that he no longer qualified for council help. Fortunately, WHC’s Wycombe Winter Night Shelter was open and Mick took a place there. Due to mobility issues, Mick needed to find ground-floor accommodation, and that took a long time to locate. So for a period, Mick had to sleep rough after the shelter closed. Finally, however, WHC was able to help him find a suitable place, and he began to get back on his feet.