You might want to print out these instructions to refer to as you set up your page.

To set up an individual page, click here to go to the Virgin Money Giving (VMG) home page (this opens a new window), and click “Start fundraising”. If this is an activity you organised yourself, click “Personal Challenge” and skip to the next paragraph. Otherwise, if you are taking part in an organised event, click “Organised event”; enter the event name in the Event Name search box and click “Find Event”; click the button next to your event, then click “Next”.

Choose the type of event, complete the details, choose “Just me” then click “Next”. Enter Wycombe Homeless in the search box, click “Search” and then in the new dialog box click “Select”. Enter your fundraising target if you have one, answer “no” to the question “Has your charity contributed to the cost of your event?” and click “Next”. Sign in to your VMG account, or if you don’t already have one, this is where you set one up. To finish, click “Create my Page”.

If you wish, you can change the automatic text that has been entered in the Page Title, Event Details and About You sections. If you wish, you can upload a picture of you – click the “Browse” button to the left of “No file chosen”. Check the “?” buttons in the Widgets section to see which if any you want to include; they are all optional. Click “Save” at intervals. When you are done, click “Next”. On the next page, choose whether to be notified of donations by email, and optionally enter some personal text to include in the “thank you” email that the system will automatically send to your donors. To finish, click “Create my Page”. Job done!

Now tell the world! On the next page you can link your effort to social media. Note, the email section does not work properly; you should send your own emails. If you click “Go to my Account”, then under “My fundraising page address:” you will find a link that will take people directly to your page. This is the link to copy and include in your communications. Alternatively, when your contacts visit Virgin Money Giving, they will be able to search on your name to find your fundraising page.

If you need paper sponsorship forms, email [email protected] to request these, including details of the event.