You might want to print out these instructions to refer to as you set up your page.

To set up an individual page, click here to go to the Virgin Money Giving (VMG) home page (this opens a new window). At the top of the page (or in the menu), click “Fundraisers” then “Create a page”. It will ask you to set up a VMG account if you don’t already have one. Then it will ask “What are you doing?” – enter a key word like “marathon”, then:

  • if it lists your event, click on it;
  • otherwise click “Doing something else?”, enter the date of your event, enter “Wycombe Homeless” in the charity search box and select Wycombe Homeless Connection when it comes up.

In either case, answer “no” to the question “Have any of your selected charities contributed to the cost of your event?” and click “Create my page”. If you have any trouble, you can call Mark Dykes on 07801 179387.

It’s not necessary, but you can add photos etc to your page. Set a realistic but worthwhile target. And then keep an eye on your sponsorship: once your total reaches your target, raise the target; the average donation is halved once a target is reached. Complete the other parts of the page.

Now tell the world! You can link your effort to social media. At the top of the page you will find a link that will take people directly to your page: something like This is the link to copy and include in your communications to your potential supporters. Alternatively, when your contacts visit Virgin Money Giving, they will be able to search on your name to find your fundraising page.

If you need paper sponsorship forms, email [email protected] to request these, including details of the event. If you use a paper sponsorship form, you can read how we will use your personal details here.