At Wycombe Homeless Connection, we help homeless people rebuild their lives. We assist them to climb out of the homelessness trap and take their place back in the community.

You could say we fight injustice. Or you could say we help individuals overcome the housing shortage, the unintended consequences of government policies, unwise life choices, poverty, poor health, bad upbringing, complex bureaucracy … it’s quite a list.

Either way: with the help of a small dedicated staff and an army of local volunteers, we help homeless people overcome the obstacles they face in finding or keeping accommodation and achieving stability.

We believe that every homeless individual in High Wycombe has worth and should have the chance of a fresh start, no matter what their situation. That’s why we treat every homeless person we meet with dignity and respect, and our staff and volunteers go the second mile to provide support. Our work is built on the support of the local community.

We focus on those who do not qualify for housing help from the council.

We have four objectives:

We aim to reduce the harms of homelessness: without creating dependency, we give out emergency food, clothing and bedding to those on the street. We run the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter not only to save life but also to provide a period of stability to allow guests to work with our staff on longer term solutions.

We help homeless people find or keep accommodation. We help them understand their situation, provide advice on their options, help them deal with officialdom and challenge unfair practice. We connect people with accommodation to suit their circumstances, from social housing to rehab, community or hostel. We help people fight unfair evictions. We refer them to specialist agencies to deal with problems like addiction or mental health.

We help people reconnect with the community by reigniting their ambitions, helping them maintain their tenancies and assisting them to move towards employment.

Finally, we help people get any official help they are entitled to.

Our advice and support centre is open every weekday in the centre of High Wycombe. The services we offer are described here.

Wycombe Homeless Connection was started by local churches in 2007 out of Christian concern for the poor state of local rough sleepers they were in contact with. The charity’s first project was the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter, which still runs annually. Soon afterwards, year-round advice and support services were added because people were becoming homeless all year. Unfortunately, it’s still happening.