We help people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homelessness by…

  • Preventing homelessness before it starts

Homelessness prevention is the fastest growing area of our work.
We run drop-in legal housing advice clinics, help people to fight unfair evictions and liaise with their landlords, and access help with rent arrears payments.

  • Reducing harm for people who are homeless

We run a growing number of projects to minimise and stop the damage homelessness can do.
Our Homeless Health project enables people to access and navigate healthcare services.
Our Outreach Project connects people to our services.
Our Winter Night Shelter gives people who would otherwise be on the streets in winter a safe, warm place to stay.

  • Helping house people who are homeless

Resettlement is a core part of our services.
We work to help people move on from temporary and insecure housing into more permanent accommodation. It can be a long, hard job as there is a severe shortage of affordable housing and an unforgiving welfare system, but we are resettling more people than ever before.

  • Defending the rights of people who are homeless or facing homelessness

We ensure people know their rights, what help they are entitled to and how to get it
We collaborate with, and lobby, local and national governments to ensure homelessness is brought to an end.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic we are operating our services online with face-to-face support only when necessary and when it can be done safely. 

We help those living on the street or in temporary accommodation through a range of support services:

Our Support Centre offers wide ranging practical support and advice including

  • Help accessing social support and benefits.
  • Support with emergency food packs, clothing, hygiene products and more.
  • Access to counselling and other emotional support.
  • Register to vote, gain ID, important document replacement, CV writing, access to the internet, phone charging and more.
  • Connecting people to all our support services and directing them to other organisations that may be useful.

Our Outreach Project connects those living on the street to help and homes.

Our Winter Night Shelter gives people a safe, warm place to stay during the coldest months of the year.

Plug-in is our twice weekly drop-in sessions for people to have spport, meals, access to showers and laundry facilities.

Homeless Health

We have an NHS care navigator on our team who specialises in working with people in housing crisis who need help accessing healthcare.

We work with hospitals and other healthcare facilities when our clients are patients, helping both our client and the healthcare provider prepare for discharge and when needed ensuring people have somewhere safe to recover.

We help people register with a GP through our special scheme with a local practice who has staff members trained to deal with the needs of our clients.

We help people gain evidence of their health conditions in order to claim benefits or eligibility for other statutory assistance.

We help people access dental care, rehabilitation support, counselling and more.

Resettlement: finding people a more permanent home

We help those who don’t have a home to access emergency and temporary accommodation.

And we help people who are homeless or in temporary accommodation to find and settle and stay in more permanent accommodation whether in supported living or private homes.

Repatriation: we work with embassies to help people who want to go home, get home.

Advocacy services: Homelessness prevention and much more

Through our Homelessness Prevention hotline and our Housing Legal drop-in advice clinics which serve Wycombe, Chesham and further afield, we offer for advice on housing matters that may lead to homelessness.

This includes:

  • Free legal advice from a housing solicitor,
  • Free advice on housing-related benefits and how to reduce rent arrears from an experienced practitioner
  • Free case management support services (management, advice and support).
  • Informing people of their housing rights and assisting them to secure these rights.

We also can accompany people to court and helping them to prepare their defence for hearings related to their housing crisis and assist people to make appeals against statutory decisions relating to their housing crisis.

    How we do this

    We are a registered charity with a small staff team of qualified, experienced people who work with a huge team of volunteers who add their energy and experience.

    We are funded almost entirely by our community through personal giving, grants and community and corporate fundraising. We receive a small grant from our local authority.