From January through March each year WHC runs a night shelter for people over 18 who are on the street, providing a warm welcome, an evening meal, an overnight bed and a cooked breakfast.

It's free, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

We want you to be safe and also to help you take control of your life and get off the street for good. You will have the chance of help from our staff to find accommodation and to get other help. We want to offer this opportunity to as many people as possible, so each person’s stay in the shelter is usually limited to 28 days.

For reasons of safety, you can’t just walk into the shelter – you need to be referred. While in the shelter, you’ll need to keep to its policies shown here. The shelter has run for years now and all our staff and volunteers are well trained.

Venues vary by night of the week. Note, some locations cannot provide disabled access.  

Getting referred to the shelter

Come to our Support Centre at 8 Castle Street between 10am and 12:30pm Monday to Friday (except holidays) and tell a staff member or a volunteer that you are homeless and would like to be referred into the night shelter. They will guide you through the process.


Go to the reception area of the Wycombe District Council offices on Queen Victoria Road on Monday to Friday before 3pm and ask to see the Duty Homeless Officer. Take some ID if you have any.

The Duty Homeless Officer should see you within an hour or you will be asked to come back later. 

While waiting, you can read a leaflet with the rules of the shelter. 

When you meet the Duty Officer, he or she should go through the rules leaflet and a couple of forms with you and show you the shelter venue for that night on the map. (The map is also shown below.) You don’t have a place yet. 

One of the forms is a data protection form and contains a permission for us to share information with various agencies. You MUST sign this if your application is to continue.

If you have a mobile, you will be phoned between 4pm and 5pm to let you know if you have been offered a place for that night.

If you don’t have a mobile, you should come to the side door of the Wycombe Homeless Connection offices (off the entrance to the gym car park) between 4pm and 5pm and press the buzzer in the lobby. A member of staff will speak to you and let you know if you have been offered a place for that night.

If you have been offered a place, you must go to the shelter between 7.30pm and 8pm or else your place may be given away to someone else.

If you have not been offered a place, you will be told if you have been put on the waiting list. 

If you get a place on the waiting list, and you have a mobile, you will be phoned when a vacancy arises. If you are on the list but have no mobile, you should go to the shelter each night to see if there is a vacancy.

If you have not been offered a night shelter place or a place on the waiting list, you will be told why not and you may appeal to the CEO, James Boultbee.

At the shelter

We aim to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere at the shelter. To do that, we maintain some rules you’ll need to follow. Click here to read them.