Wycombe Homeless Connection is an award-winning local registered charity that tackles homelessness in Wycombe, relying on support from the community.

Find out how WHC uses money here.

WHC is happy to provide a speaker to talk about homelessness and the work of WHC. Apply here.

People often kindly donate items of food, clothing, toiletries, bedding and basic household items so that we can help people in emergency or when they move into a new place. Our requirements vary from time to time, but an up to date list of needs is here.

Individuals help WHC by giving or by volunteering, raising funds or donating items and through prayer. Although we do not promote religion, WHC is a faith-inspired organisation and we greatly value prayer support.

WHC was founded as a community project of local churches and depends on them for premises, significant funding and the majority of our volunteer force. Explore ways that churches can support WHC.

Businesses care about the health of their local communities. Often they’d like to “give back” to the places that support them. Find out what WHC can offer as a two-way relationship with businesses.

WHC receives support from a wide variety of community groups including schools and youth organisations. Here is how WHC can interact with your group.

WHC relies for some of its funding from grant-making bodies. Here are some key points about WHC that potential funders will wish to understand.